LSM-4200LE, LSM-4201LE

LSM-4200LE, LSM-4201LE

It is available to inspect and measure the strain in the glass or plastics.
5 type products belong to LSM-4000LE series. Each product is available to inspect the pattern of strain or analyze the direction of stress or measure the stress. These have the view area sized 200 × 200 mm, therefore they are available to measure large sample.


Application Patern of strain for plastic product
Size W280×D375×H415mm
Weight 10kg
Inspection Method Circularly Polarizing Light Method
Guide : Circular polarized light method

View area Effective Dimension of Analyzer:φ110mm
Effective Dimension of Polarizer:W200×D200mm
Light Source White LED 3,000K
Power Source/td>

AC100~240V 50/60Hz