POLAX-15N is a polarizing plate with the highest optical quenching ratio developed for the purpose of the prevention of a “blue leak phenomenon” made into the weak point of the thin film type linear polarization child to the former.
A blue leak phenomenon is a phenomenon of setting at least to the rectangular cross of a pair of polarizing plates, and making many lights with a wavelength of 450 nm or less penetrating compared with the light of other wavelengths of a visible light region.
It is based on this reason that the transmitted light looks a little blue when a pair of polarizing plates are combined at least with a rectangular cross.
Since POLAX-15N intercepts the wavelength of the visible light whole region, the transmitted light of a rectangular about does not look blue.
In a visible light region, it is the optimal polarizing plate for use of the case where light needs to be intercepted highly, the microscope which gives top priority to an optical quenching ratio, or an optical measuring instrument.

※Please also refer to a general catalog of polarizing plate, wave plate and circularly polarizing plate.
Download :[A general catalog of polarizing plate, wave plate and circularly polarizing plate]


Item number POLAX-15N-10
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