Semiauto Senarmont LSM-7000LE


LSM-3002 and LSM-7000LE are available to measure the strain of transparent glasses and plastics, and measure the retardation of optical film accurately. Conventional strain meter have large margin of error because operator measure the strain by his sense. These products decrease the man-made error by new system which depends on PC and measurement software. Since these have the Sensitive Color Methgod, they are available to analyze the direction of stress. Of course, operator can store the measurement data and image on PC. These accept from small specimen to large one by zoom lens.


Application ・For strain measurement of glass or plastic product
・For retardation measurement of optical film
Size W280×D380×H730mm
Weight 16kg
Inspection Method Sensitive Color Method
Guide : Sensitive color method

Senarmont Method
Guide : Senarmont method

Accuracy (SD) ± About 1.5nm (Analyzer rotated angle ± 0.5°)
Resolution About 1.5nm (Analyzer rotated angle 0.5°)
View area Max.176×132mm / Min.6.9×5.2mm
Light Source White LED 3,000K
Power Source AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Available OS Windows 7(64bit) / Windows 8(64bit)